Episode 64 – Don’t Be An Ape With A Sign (Conduct Effective Meetings)

I’ve sat in plenty of meetings like this. The manager or owner gets up. He’s an ape with a sign. He’s a life-sucking ape. Everyone’s life is made worse by him, and his meeting. Don’t be an ape with a sign when you conduct a sales or store-wide meeting.

Your job during each sales or store meeting is singular. It’s got a purpose. That purpose can be summarized in one statement: to make those who attend the meeting better. To help them perform at a higher level. To help them feel important. To help them understand where they belong in the grand scheme that is your business.

That objective must be at the forefront of all your communication – every meeting. Effective meetings happen when you give people something that benefits them. Always deliver value when you conduct a meeting.