Term and Conditions

  • Registration are free, Distributor will be activated after purchase of 300 business point for life time, If you not purchase within 30 day, Your registration is Deactivated by the company.
  • To qualify for Repurchase all type of income, a distributor must have a minimum personal purchase of 500 Rs. (at distributor price) till the level of Founder, 1000 Rs. (at distributor price) from Bronze level Upwards, If in any case a distributor fails to make personal purchase, the bonus earned in that month is carried forward and is released in the month, the distributor makes personal purchase.
  • Minimum payout release Rs. 200/- (Less than Rs. 200/- accumulative)
  • Reward qualification only joining business point, Power leg business include 50% qualify of reward, Rest business all the above legs included.
  • Rank qualification criteria accumulative business, Joining and repurchase business point.
  • Pre-requisites:- A Distributor qualifying for the family medical fund to hospitalized after getting an approval from the company, The family medical fund to be used blood relation. Rs.30,000 per month is maximum you can earn in FMF.
  • Pre-requisites:- The family tour fund is to be used for only travel trips announced by the company.
  • Pre-requisites:- A Distributor qualifying for the family Car Fund has to purchase a car after getting an approval from the company, The Car Fund may also be used for Business Development after getting approval from the Company, Rs. 1,00,000 per month is maximum you can earn in FCF.
  • Pre-requisites:- The family house fund earnings will be released by the Company in the following month along with the Bonus, Rs. 1,50,000 per month is the maximum you can earn in FHF.
  • Pre-requisites:- The distributor pass negative massage our company and any activity criminal case, The company will be terminated distributorship, The get evidence.
  • Pre-requisites:- Cross sponsoring is not permission in our company, The get evidence for cross sponsoring the new Distributor with down line merge old placement in our system.
  • All the judicial matter hearing in the Allahabad court
  • TDS deduction as per government rule @ 5%, If you not provide pan TDS deduction 20% as per government Rule
  • Admin charge deduction as per company rule @ 5%, Admin charge maximum deduction Rs.1000 Only.
  • All the term and conditions of the company are approved by us.
  • We are working self intelligence, Read and listen term and condition carefully, We are agree to work with the company, We will not claim any type of claim over the company.

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